Equipment Type Range
Accelerometers Voltage and Charge Type (Sensitivity 10Hz - 10Khz)
Airdata test sets All
Angle Blocks ALL
Angle Position Indicators ALL
Attenuators 0 to -127 dB (to 26.5 GHz)
Avionics Test Sets All
Band Pass Filters to 50 GHz
Cal Kits Up to 50Ghz
Calibrators to 6.5 digits
Calipers ALL
Capacitors 0.0 Pf to 100mf
Centrifuge ALL
Chart Recorders ALL
Coating Thickness Gages Ferrous, Non Ferrous
Comm. Analyzers ALL
Comm. Monitors ALL
Conductivity Meters 2μS,cm to 10000 μs,cm
Controllers -200degC to 1372degC
Crimpers ALL
Current Clamps to 1000Amps
Current Transformers to 1000Amps
Depth Gages to 150
Dial Indicators ALL
Differential Probes ALL
Digital Multimeters to 7.5 digits
Directional Couplers to 10 18Ghz
Distortion Analyzers All
Dry Block Calibrators -200degC to 600degC
Durometers Types A,B,D, DO,E,M,O,OOO,OOO-S, and R
Dynamometers to 50klb
Dynameters (Dillon) to 50klb
Electronic Loads All
Electronic Loads to 125A
EMC Testers to 50GHz
Feeler Gages All
Flow Meters (air and gas) Up to 100SLPM
Force Gages All
Frequency Counters to 50GHz
Frequency Meters to 50GHz
Function Generators ALL
Gage Blocks ALL
Gloss Meters ALL
Hardness Testers Indirect Verification Rockwell
Height Gages to 150"
Hipot Testers to 120KV
Humidity Meters ALL
HV Probes to 120KV
Hydrometers Specific Gravity
Hygrothermographs ALL
Inductors 0.0H to 32kH
Infrared Thermometers 35C to 500C
Insulation Testers to 120KV
Laser Sources ALL
LCR Meters ALL
Led Sources ALL
Length Scales ALL (except glass)
Levels ALL
Light Meters ALL
Lightwave Component Analyzers ALL
Lightwave Filters ALL
Lightwave Meters ALL
Load Cells tension to 50Klbs
Load Cells compression to 100Klbs (Compression only)
Logic Analyzers ALL
Magnetometers up to 10 Gauss
Micrometers ALL
Modulation Analyzers ALL
Network Analyzers ALL
Noise Measuring Sets All
Optical Attenuators ALL
Optical Cables ALL
Optical Comparators ALL
Optical Power Meters 6dB to -60dB
Optical Power Sensors 6dB to -60dB
Optical Return Loss Test Sets 6dB to -60dB
Optical Sources 3dbm
Optical TDR's 10m, 1000m, 10000m
Optical Test Sets OC-1, OC-48, OC-192
Oscilloscopes ALL
Ovens ALL
Peak Power Sensors ALL
pH Meters ALL
Pin Gages ALL
Plain Plug Gages ALL
Plain Ring Gages to 40"
Plastometer ALL
Power Amplifiers to 50GHz
Power Analyzers ALL
Power Meters ALL
Power Sensors to 50GHz
Power Supplies ALL
Pressure Gages to 40000 psi
Protractors ALL
Pulltesters ALL
Resistors most ALL
RF Power Meters ALL
RF Probes ALL
RTD Probes -25degC to 600degC
Rulers ALL
Scales to 10mg to 990lb
Shunts to 100amps
Signal Generators to 50Ghz
Sound Level Meters ALL
S-Parameter Test Sets to 26.5Ghz
Spectrum Analyzers to 26.5Ghz
Spectrum Analyzers to 50Ghz
Standard Resistors Up to 10Mohm
Static Meters ALL
Surface Plates ALL
Synchro Resolvers ALL
Tachometers ALL
Tape Measurers to 150"
Telecomm. Testers ALL
Temperature Chambers -200degC to 1372degC
Tension Meters to 50K
Thermocouples -200degC to 1372degC
Thermometers -25degC to 600degC
Thread Plugs ALL
Timers ALL
Torque Wrenches ALL
Transmission Meas. Set ALL
Trq. Analyzers ALL
Trq. Calibrators ALL
Vacuum Gages -15 psi / 30 inhg
Vacuum Gages/ Transducers Down to One Micron
Vector Analyzers ALL
Video Signal Analyzers ALL
Viscometers ALL
Viscosity Cups ALL
Voltage Dividers ALL
Voltmeters (to 7.5 digits) ALL
Wattmeter's, RF ALL
Wattmeter's ALL
Waveform Monitors ALL
Weights Class 4,5,6,7, F, and Brass
Wire Strippers ALL
Wrist Strap Testers
* See Scope of Accreditation for Range of Accuracies.


Accuracy Matrix